By submitting thE audition form you (the “Performer”) agree to the below-outlined agreement and the agreement is entered into by and between the Performer and Fan Controlled Football and Casting Calls America (the “Production Company”). In the event of the Performer’s death or total incapacity, “Performer” means the Performer’s heirs, devisees, beneficiaries, trusts, assignees or other successors-in-interest. “Production Company” includes the licensees, assignees, future owners, or other acquirers or successors-in-interest of Fan Controlled Football and/or Casting Calls America, LLC.

The Performer hereby grants to the Production Company and to its licensees, assignees, and other successors-in-interest, all rights of every kind and character, in perpetuity, in and to the Performer’s performance (audition video and headshot), appearance, likeness, name and/or voice (the “Performance”) in connection with the audition and promotion of the audition and possible public voting on such (the “Project.”)

The Performer hereby authorizes the Production Company to use the photographs, videotape, film and other recorded media (on film, tape, or any other medium), the Performance and audition(s) for the Performance; to edit the same at its discretion and to include it with the performances of others and with sound effects, special effects, digital effects and music; to incorporate the same into the Project. The Performer further acknowledges that the Production Company owns all rights to the Performance and Project.

The Production Company shall not compensate the Performer for the Performance. Should the Performer be offered a role as an independent contractor to perform future Spirit Leader duties, that will be a separate agreement. This agreement is for the submission and use of the materials associated with the audition and voting by the public on possible Spirit Leaders. Being “voted for” or being the top “vote earner” does not guarantee employment or an offer of such.

This Agreement constitutes the entire extended agreement by and between the Performer and the Production Company and supersedes any and all prior contracts, understandings, negotiations, and agreements with respect to the Production Company and the subject matter hereof, whether oral or written.